Chris Shumate

Engineering Manager | Software Developer | Firmware Engineer | Systems Engineer

Professional Profile

Experienced manager, engineer, software and firmware developer, creating innovative new products and services from concept to release.


Engineering Management - 19 Years

Leader of diverse teams developing lighting and monitoring products utilizing software, firmware, electrical and mechanical engineering.

Software Development - 20 Years

Software development using C++, C#, .NET, .NET Core, EF, SQL, Javascript, Angular and Node to build web applications and services.

Firmware Engineering - 8 Years

Firmware engineer experienced in Assembly and C for microcontrollers from Motorola, Microchip, Freescale, Hitachi and Atmel.

Systems Engineering - 7 Years

Systems engineer experienced with implementing Ethernet, wireless, serial, RS-485, SNMP, Modbus and custom protocols to facilitate monitoring in lighting, security, backup power, solar, broadcast and power metering applications.



IT Development Manager

Managed a team of developers building internal and external facing applications.

Partial role as a Senior Developer, designing new applications from database to deployment.

Premise Health

2021 - Present

Senior Developer

Development of web applications using JavaScript, Angular, Node.js, .NET and .NET Core.

Built and maintained applications for member eligibility, prescription reimbursement, scheduling, and incentive programs.

Careful management of member PHI / PII focusing on security and pen testing.

Implemented SSO using SAML & OAuth in Angular, Node, .NET and .NET Core with support for Okta and Epic including MyChart and Hyperspace.

Integrated Google Fit activity tracking for incentive programs.

Agile development process using Jira.

Utilized Bitbucket and Jenkins for automated build, testing and deployment for most projects.

Built applications in Azure using Devops for code repository and build pipelines.

Premise Health

2016 - 2021

Vice President, Engineering

Managed and grew a diverse team of software, firmware, mechanical and electrical engineers to design intelligent obstructing lighting systems and remote monitoring products.

Built and maintained a web portal, software and databases to provide 24/7/365 monitoring for thousands of systems across the country.

Conceived, pitched and gained approval for a $1m project to cut 40% from the cost of the company’s highest volume products.

Introduced a new industry leading LED based obstruction lighting product line with significant new features and simplified installation, while avoiding existing IP and obtaining two patents. Incorporated proprietary optics with Linux based control capable of remote monitoring by Ethernet or cellular. Integrated into the network operations center using .NET (C#) Windows services for communication, .NET (C#) web applications and SQL Server. Generated significant sales through immediate adoption by the industry.

Completed multiple projects annually for new lighting and monitoring products, managing to an annual budget covering salaries, equipment, software, direct product development costs and capital expenditures.

Managed the company’s patent portfolio including initiating and reviewing new patents and assisting in clearance searches.

Flash Technology / SPX

2011 - 2015

Director, Engineering

Grew a small team of only a few engineers to a group of 15 of different skills to design lighting and monitoring products.

Implemented a corporate modeled stage gate system for product development.

Developed a web application using Visual Studio .NET and C# to manage the company’s Engineering Change Order process.

Led the development of a wireless monitoring product for strobe lighting systems using cellular networks that resulted in the establishment of the industry’s first Network Operations Center providing services for 13,000 sites.

Developed an internal web portal and SQL database using Visual Studio .NET and C# to provide a user interface for remotely monitored lighting systems.

Developed an object oriented C# library to process, store and display data from remote sites.

Wrote Windows services in C# to manage communications with wireless and satellite carries.

Received an SPX Adjacent Product Award based on first year sales volume.

Led the development of a remote monitoring platform with pluggable modules for monitoring and control of equipment at telecommunication towers.

Developed the protocol and firmware for communication between the processor and pluggable modules.

Wrote a Windows application (C++) for configuration, monitoring and control of the platform using phone and Ethernet.

Developed a customer web portal using Visual Studio .NET (C#) to provide monitoring and control of transmitters at broadcast tower sites.

Wrote a windows service capable of periodically contacting thousands of remote sites by phone and Ethernet, updating a SQL database and notifying personnel of failures.

Flash Technology / SPX

2000 - 2010

Software Engineer

Developed a Windows application using Borland C++ for the industry’s first strobe lighting systems capable of remote monitoring and diagnostics utilizing modems and Ethernet sockets for communication. Migrated the application to Visual Studio and expanded support for additional lighting systems.

Designed the protocol and wrote firmware for multiple lighting systems to communicate alarm and diagnostic information.

Wrote firmware and software for a product designed to monitor and control competitive lighting systems.

Developed a Windows application to control and monitor an underwater strobe lighting system providing a graphic interface for the operator to design the system layout and establish the flash sequence.

Flash Technology

1996 - 1999

General Manager

Responsible for profitability and new product development. Provided programming support for the engineering department.

American Mine Research

1995 - 1996

Director, Quality Assurance

Implemented quality systems for both companies including quality manuals, departmental procedures and work instructions.

Coordinated preparation and successful audit by Underwriter’s Laboratories to the ISO-9002 quality standards.

Wrote software for a ‘paperless’ ISO-9000 compliant plant-wide documentation system.

Custom Manufacturing Services

1994 - 1995

Quality Control Manager

Implemented an ISO-9002 compliant quality system including quality manual, departmental procedures and work instructions.

Managed registration by QMI to the ISO standards.

Provided technical expertise and communications for customers including on-site surveys of quality issues.

Provided support for manufacturing in planning of production, jigging, test design and setup.

Responsible for maintenance and setup of pick-and-place surface mount assembly equipment.

Responsible for acquisition, setup, training, and maintenance of Genrad in-circuit test equipment.

Evaluated processes and equipment and quoted manufacturing times for bids.

Prepared manufacturing flow charts, FEMA’s, and associated documentation for automotive electronics.

EWA Manufacturing Services

1993 - 1994

Engineering Manager

Lead engineer of a small, tightly integrated team that designed monitoring, controls and communication products for the mining industry, including a system utilizing RS-485 to communicate with remote units in underground mines that monitor for equipment conditions and detect dangerous gas build up.

Designed a communications scheme and built 35 modules and wrote over 16000 lines of code in C for components of a data acquisition system.

Developed a PC based monitoring system in Borland C++ consisting of 23 modules and over 27000 lines of code, utilizing a direct interface to serial and parallel ports, and an object-oriented user interface library.

Created graphic touch screen interfaces to visually represent conditions for mine operators.

American Mine Research

1989 - 1993

Team Leader

Performed engineering studies of applications for FM broadcast stations.

Reviewed work and correspondence of a team of five engineers.

Federal Communications Commission

1987 - 1989


BS Electrical Engineering

Member, Tau Beta Pi, National Engineering Honor Society
Treasurer, Eta Kappa Nu, International Electrical Engineering Honor Society

West Virginia University

1983 - 1987

Advanced Leadership Program

Core development program for managers to strengthen their ability to manage complexity, balance competing priorities and collaborate across the organization.

Center for Creative Leadership


Innovation Champion Training

Competing Values, Ross School of Business, Dr. Jeff DeGraff

University of Michigan



US 8,998,443 - LED Marker

April 7, 2015

US 8,926,148 - LED Beacon

January 6, 2015

US 5,937,791 - Mobile Controllable Strobe Light

August 17, 1999


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